The Value of Expanding Your Data Sources 

AI allows for real estate asset analysis on a vastly broader scale than ever before. Investors shouldn't be limited by the traditional sources merely re-rendered in digital format. These creative and not necessarily intuitive sources may surprise you. 

The Game Has Changed

Today's investment methods require proactive imagination and data resourcefulness. This white paper will describe new data and AI-based investment horizons, and inspire fresh investment strategies and ways of thinking.  

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About Skyline AI

Skyline AI is an artificial intelligence investment manager for commercial real estate. Skyline AI partners with leading commercial real estate firms to establish next-generation investment vehicles augmented by artificial intelligence. Founded in 2017, Skyline AI is backed by Sequoia Capital, JLL (NYSE: JLL), TLV Partners, Nyca Partners, DWS group and others. The company's headquarters is located in New York, with an additional office in Tel Aviv.